Agricultural technology by SHW: bale spears and more


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Fully automated production plant for bale spears

A core item of our loader tines production is a new forging unit. The essential components are a combination of a robot and a roller forging device. Another handling robot links the other subsequent processing stations.

As a result, we ensure reproducibility and dimensional stability not previously achieved in the loader tines market.

Agricultural parts

''Constant quality has its tradition at SHW ''. According to this motto, we have been producing high-quality products for the agricultural industry for decades. For this reason, we solely use profile rolled spring steel with smallest tolerances. Combined with the hardening process, our tines are given the highest loading capacity and flexibility.

All tines underlie a 100% control after the production process. Another important feature is the cone of the tines. SHW produces them by using CNC-driven machines which ensure perfect matching in combination with SHW sleeves.

By using the most modern machinery, SHW is able to easily meet and realize customized solutions.    

How you recognize SHW products

Each tine is stamped with the SHW Logo, the Crowne and date of manufacture. Without these stamps, it is not an originally SHW tine.