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Every detail counts in agriculture. That’s why we at SHW have developed products specifically designed to make your daily work easier and increase your productivity.


Your advantages with SHW Landtechnik

3 Jahre Garantie SHW

Extended security with a 3-year warranty:

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our 3-year warranty on our tines in conjunction with the matching SHW bushing.

A promise that helps you plan and manage for the long term.

Schnelle Lösungen bei Herausforderungen

Quick solutions to challenges:

In the rare event of a failure, we will provide a replacement within 72 hours. This fast replacement service minimizes downtime and keeps you up and running.

Stabilität für härteste Einsätze

Unsurpassed durability for the toughest applications:

Our products are your backup for demanding jobs. The outstanding stability of our tools means less worry about breakdowns and more focus on what really matters – your work.

Produktivitätsgewinn mit SHW

Noticeable productivity gains:

SHW is your partner in working more efficiently. Our tools are designed to work and just keep on working, giving you significant productivity gains. Less time spent on repairs and maintenance means more time for your farming projects.

What you can expect from SHW:

A carefully selected range of tools to meet your every need – from tillage to harvesting. Each of our products is a building block for your success, helping you work more efficiently and profitably.


SHW Schmiedetechnik Zinken Gerade


SHW Schmiedetechnik Zinken Gebogen


SHW Schmiedetechnik Zinken Gekröpft


SHW Schmiedetechnik Zinken Geknickt


SHW Schmiedetechnik Zinken Spezialform: Löffel

Special shape: Spoon


Ø 35 – 42mm

Length: 500 to 1400mm

Low weight: Handling:

vertical lifting and lowering

Star Profile

Ø 35 -44mm

Length: from 500 to


Our allrounder Stable – forces can be absorbed from all sides

Square Profile

Ø 35 – 55mm

Length: 500 to 1500mm.

Combines all capabilities.

Due to large cross section high forces can be absorbed

Round Profile

Ø 25 – 55mm

Length: 400 to 1550mm.

Strongest version High weight – working tool becomes heavier

We will be happy to advise you and respond to your individual wishes – more information is available on request.

Load test (load capacity test on request)

Metric thread with recommended tightening torque

















  • Spear profile is rolled with state of the art robot technology
  • Tines: hardened and tempered ( hardness 45 – 49 HRC)
  • Tine cone and thread are CNC machined
  • Each tine is straightened at the end of the production process and checked visually
  • Environmentally friendly powder coated
  • Only tested products receive the double quality seal (SHW logo with crown, Made in Germany and production date).

  • Our products are “Made in Germany”

  • A nut is included with all tines


Your contact to us

Are you looking for an individual solution or do you have any questions?


SHW Schmiedetechnik Buchsen zu konischen Zinken

Sleeves to conical tines

Sleeves for conical tine with anti-rotation device

SHW Schmiedetechnik Buchsen zu konischem Zinken mit Verdrehsicherung

Sleeves individually according to customer requirements

Explanation of interaction: sleeve – cone / prong

Fig.: Fit of a tine Ø 36mm with cone K001 in an original SHW bushing VB001

The article name of a tine is: 4077/1250, K013, M28

  • 4077/1250 defines the forged part, in this example a square profile with Ø 44 mm and a total length of 1250 mm.
  • K013, M28 is the cone with a thread M28x1.5 mm. Details and dimensions of the cone are always shown in a separate drawing.
  • The matching sleeve for the cone K013, M28 has the designation VB013, Ø 55×120 mm. Details and dimensions are always shown in a separate drawing.
  • K013 defines the inner geometry of the sleeving (suitable for cone K013).
    Ø 55×120 mm are the outer dimensions of the sleeving. A sleeving is always round and has a defined length, in this example standard length 120mm.
    Tines in the cone area and sleeve are precisely matched to each other at SHW.
    Production is carried out with CNC-controlled machines, thus precise, exactly coordinated and reproducible.
  • We offer a suitable solution for almost every customer requirement: Send us an e-mail or give us a call.


Blades for municipal technology

Blades for soil cultivation and mowing

  • Blade forged and hardened in one piece
  • Target hardness 45-49 HRC
  • Machined from low-wear special steel
  • Complete machining and processing in the Friedrichstal factory
  • Small batch production

Our commitment to your success:

We know that your success in farming depends on reliable tools. That’s why we at SHW Landtechnik are committed to providing you with products that not only make your job easier, but also contribute to your bottom line. With SHW at your side, you have more than just tools – you have a partner who understands what you need to succeed.

Take the next step to more efficient farming with SHW Landtechnik.

Lasting quality has a tradition with us​

According to this principle, SHW has been manufacturing high-quality wear parts for the agricultural machinery industry for decades, with a focus on front loader tines and tools for soil cultivation. We use only profile-rolled spring steel with the tightest tolerances for this purpose. In combination with the hardening process, this gives our tines the highest load-bearing capacity and flexibility. All tines are subject to a 100% inspection at the end of the manufacturing process.

Absolutely precise and reproducible at any time thanks to CNC machines

For optimum use of the SHW tines, we strongly recommend the use of an original SHW sleeve. Only this combination guarantees a perfect, snug fit. All SHW sleeves and also the cone of the tine are manufactured on modern CNC machines.

SHW now has more than 200 different cones and bushes in its product range. With our processing machines, customer-specific wishes can thus also be realised easily and quickly.

Fully automatic forging line for front loader tines

Front loader tines - dimensionally accurate and consistently stable

The core of our front loader tine production is the fully automatic forging plant, a combination of stretching robot and stretching roller. Another handling robot connects the subsequent processing stations.

In this way, we ensure reproducibility and dimensional accuracy in front loader tine production that is unparalleled on the market.

Do you have questions about SHW agricultural technology?

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